Every 5 minutes. Four times an hour between 9am and 5pm UTC, Monday to Friday.
  • Simply, we collect as little information as technically possible.
  • If you are a guest to the site, we don't track you in anyway.
  • If you are a Chide user, we store your email address and your Tide account balance for the purposes of maintaining the essential functionality of the app.
  • We save the IP address and browser type you login with until you logout, so you can manage your different login sessions for the purpose of maintaining as good a user experience as possible.
  • Tide account balances are stored in an anonymised format, so that they are not linked directly with any email addresses.
  • We do not store any account names or any account's transactions.
  • To improve email servicing we do sometimes log messages we send you, which is done for the purpose of providing technical support and improving our service.
  • For your convenience, live chat is provided that is handled by Drift. Don't freak out if it asks for your GDPR approval.
  • You can self-serve erase your own account and its associated data in your dashboard upon login. To request manual account and data erasure, get in touch at chide@harryfear.co.uk.